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The Huntin' Daddy - Pronghorn

I’m Brett Marciasini and I decided to start this page as a way to share and document my outdoor adventures. I’m 39-years old, a father of two and an avid outdoorsman. I love hunting, fishing and bagging peaks, especially when I can share those passions with my family and friends. The best is when I can get my young kids off of the iPad and out into nature. Now that they have gotten a bit older (7&6) we have been able to get further down a trail and see awesome things together. Whether its fishing backcountry lakes or climbing to the top of the mountain, it’s amazing to see how far their little legs can take them and give them experiences that they will remember for their entire life.

I have been experiencing the outdoors since I was a little kid, I started out as a trout addict and have evolved into a big game junkie. Unfortunately I caught the big game hunting bug late as I did not start until 2013. I shot a Northern California buck about 40 minutes into my first hunt and was instantly hooked. Shortly after, I learned about the Super Slam of North American Big Game Hunting and decided to start my quest. For now I have set my sights on the Super 10 which is much more doable on my budget, time constraints, and being realistic with drawing a tag. At the end of 2018, I stand at 7 animals towards my goal. The best part of this quest has been the full freezers and the fact that I haven’t bought a piece of beef outside of a restaurant in 4 years. So far, my favorite wild game meat has been antelope.

I have also bought into the fitness trend that has been overtaking the hunting industry. After my elk hunt in 2015, when the terrain kicked my ass, I decided to get into crossfit and back into running to keep in shape for the fall season. I have also become an avid peak bagger taking on summits throughout the Sierras of Northern California. In 2018 I started tackling peaks off the 63-peak Tahoe-Ogul List and am dead set on completing it. What better way to get ready to chase an elk up a mountain than by climbing 2 dozen of them during the summer? You can follow my journey on this site.

I hope you enjoy visiting my site and come back to view fresh content often. I also hope that it inspires folks to get out into the wild more, especially with their kids. I went through a phase where I didn’t think my kids could handle certain trails, but I learned, if you give them enough time and work at their pace, they can do almost anything I can.

All you dads that like to hunt, we are all The Huntin Daddy. Let’s share in our experiences together and encourage a whole new generation to love the wild places that we do. I hope to run into you out on the trail someday! Take care and God Bless!