Division Peak
Division Peak

Place Name: Humboldy County

Place Description: State: Nevada
Date: 04/18/2021
Elevation: 7,261 Feet
Prominence: 1,301 Feet
Miles: 4.5
Elevation Gain: 1,461 Feet
Lists: Great Basin Peaks List

  • Difficulty
  • Solitude
  • Kid Friendly
  • Summit Views

A Side Excursion From Donnelly Peak

Division Peak is one of those summits that gets climbed by less than 5 people per year. It’s a long way from anything, but it’s place on the Great Basin Peaks List makes it a nice bonus peak if you are in the area to bag Donnelly Peak.



  • Beautiful country
  • Roads aren’t very bad
  • Can combine with Donnelly Peak


  • Very long drive in
  • Ticks
  • Some minor class scrambling

Division Peak is one of those obscure mountains that only gets noticed because it’s on a list. Even with a coveted spot on the Great Basin Peaks List, Division Peak still gets very few visitors. In fact, I think it might go a year at a time without seeing a human.

The hardest part of the trip is simply getting there. This region of Nevada is all connected by dirt roads and sees very little human traffic. A trip out here needs to be carefully planned. That said, it is quite an adventure.

Getting There

This is a long journey. Unless you are coming from a very desolate area up north, your journey will really begin in the small town of Gerlach, NV. From Gerlach, head north out of town on paved NV-34. Eventually this road will turn to dirt, however, its high speed dirt and easy driving. 

The next step is making a right turn onto Barley Rd. The road is unmarked, although there is a sign for High Rock Lake and a kiosk on the right side of the road. Expect a typical dirt Great Basin style road. After being on the road for about 2.9 miles, you come out to a bluff overlooking Donnelly Flat. Donnelly Peak in full view across the way.

Donnelly Peak

Donnelly Peak

The road requires high clearance from this point on as it drops down into the flats. It’s a bit rocky, however, I never used 4×4. Once down to the bottom of the hill the road is pretty good again.

Follow this road find a small road that turns off to the right into the sage brush. Saving a GPS track from PeakBagger is very helpful. This road is easy 2wd and you will have no issues. There is a nice parking area at the rise before dipping into the wash. If you choose to drive through the wash, you can go another .40 miles of driving, however, it only saves about 80 feet of gain.

Division Peak

Division Peak TH.

The Trail

After the road ends, a very nice single track horse trail begins. It leads up the canyon alongside a creek. It was flowing is April as there was still snow melting in the area. I’m not sure if it flows year round.

Division Peak

Nice horse trail to hike on.


A spring along the trail.

Like all good things, they must come to an end, same with trails. Approximately one mile in, you will need to break off to the left and start heading up. The terrain is pretty easy lower on the mountain with your typical Great Basin plants and rocks.

Division Peak

Division Peak comes into view.

Eventually, some larger rocks and outcrops come into play and some class 2 climbing begins. There were definitely a couple class 3 moves mixed in there, however, they were all easy and I was eating a sandwich while downclimbing.

Division Peak

Some light class 3

The Summit

The summit is made up of rocks and offer nice views of the area. You can look back and see NV-34 to the west and Donnelly Peak looks like a giant to the east.

Northern Nevada

Looking northwest towards NV-34.

Looking through the register confirms that very few people come to this summit. It’s a shame, because this is a fun little peak.

Division Peak

Division Peak Summit register.

The Final Word

Division Peak is a neat Great Basin List Peak and I would highly recommend coming out here. Combining it with Donnelly Peak is the most logical option since they are both on the list and both way out here in the middle of nowhere.

Venturing out this far you will want to be prepared for the worst. Spare tires (friend got a flat), extra food and water, and some kind of satellite beacon. Help is a very long way away and you are unlikely to run across anyone out here. There are lots of wild horses in the area and as a result, there are lots of ticks (friend picked up 5).

If you come prepared, you are going to absolutely love exploring this area.