Jobs Peak
Jobs Peak

Place Name: El Dorado County

Place Description: State: California
Date: 11/16/2019
Elevation: 10,633Feet
Prominence: 793 Feet
Miles: 4.7
Elevation Gain: 2,030+ Feet
Lists: Tahoe-Ogul, Great Basin Peaks List

  • Difficulty
  • Solitude
  • Kid Friendly
  • Summit Views

Finishing The Loop

Jobs Peak is normally the 3rd leg of the Freel Triple on a full day hike. If you are pressed for time, this peak makes a great quarter of a day hike up a steep trail.



  • Good dirt road and parking
  • Nice trail
  • Great view of the Carson Valley


  • Steep grade
  • Sandy trail
  • Small radio tower

Straddling the border of the Sierra Nevadas and the Great Basin, Jobs Peak towers over the Carson Valley. While it’s imposing from the Gardnerville, NV, it can be climbed rather quickly from the west.

Getting There

There is an unmarked forest road just before the Luther Pass sign on CA-89 if coming from Highway 88. The road wiggles its way back about 5 miles before ending at the trail to Jobs Peak. Along the way, you will pass the parking area for the Armstrong Pass and Freel Peak Trail. Although the road has bumps and may require high clearance, it’s not very difficult. Four-wheel drive is not needed and any type of SUV should be fine. Please allow 20 minutes from pavement to trail.

The Trail

While most people that summit Jobs Peak are completing the long 12-mile Freel Triple, this can be hiked easily as a one-off. Last summer, we had a late start and had to bail after bagging Freel and Jobs Sister. This trip over a year later was to finish the job (no pun intended). Setting off from the parking area, you start at 8,603-feet up the steep and sandy trail. The trail takes you through open and dry forest and gains altitude quickly. Averaging around 1,000 feet per mile, it’s not long before you reach the ridge and meet the trail coming from Jobs Sister.

From here, your path is laid out in front of you as the summit is clearly visible.

Headed towards the Jobs Peak summit through the sand.

We were met here by a stiff wind from the east. Only a few minutes are needed to cover this stretch and before no time you will be standing on the high point. Don’t forget to pop open the mail box and sign the register!

Summit mailbox holds the register. I added a new sticker.

On this day we had views 130 miles west to Mount Diablo and 130 miles east to Arc Dome. Directly below lies Gardnerville and Minden, NV as the entire Carson Valley is laid out before you.

Gardnerville and Minden, NV below.

The Final Report

Jobs Peak is a very fun and enjoyable hike on its own. The total stats came out to 4.7 miles and 2,030 feet gained. I’m sure I would do this hike again and would love to complete the Freel Triple in one shot. On its own, Jobs Peak is a worthy Tahoe-Ogul Peak and Great Basin Peak.