Panorama Point
Panorama Point

Place Name: Nebraska

Place Description: State: Nebraska
Date: 07/22/2021
Elevation: 5,426 Feet
Prominence: 26 Feet
Miles: 0.0
Elevation Gain: 0 Feet
Lists: US State High Points

  • Difficulty
  • Solitude
  • Kid Friendly
  • Summit Views

The High Point Of Nebraska

A drive up state high point in the middle of nowhere, Panorama Point is over 5000 feet in elevation and is a rise in the prairie near the Colorado and Wyoming border.



  • Drive up
  • Fun summit structure
  • Peaceful


  • Long way from anywhere
  • No walking allowed
  • Long drives, but doable with two other state High Points

Once you cross the Rockies, chasing state high points changes from peak bagging to high pointing.

One of these state high points is Panorama Point in Nebraska.

Getting There

We started our journey by exiting Interstate 80 and Pine Bluffs, WY, just before the state line. We followed road 164 south to road 203 where we turned left and crossed into Nebraska. There are no signs denoting state boundaries or guiding you to Panorama Point.

Panorama Point

Sample of the roads out to Panorama Point.

Road 203 becomes Road 6. Follow this a few miles and turn right on Road 5 to the south. Just before entering Colorado, the High Point Bison sign is visible and you will turn right onto this road and head to the high point.

Panorama Point

Entering the property the high point is on.


The High Point


Panorama Point is located on the property of High Point Bison and costs $3 per person to enter. Since bison are on the property, they ask that you do not hike out here. We did see a herd of bison about 1/2 mile away.

Cars can be driven right to the summit marker where there is a register to sign. The views are of surrounding plains. Couldn’t see the rocky mountains from here, however, it was very hazy.

Panorama Point

Panorama Point

Afterwards, we exited to the south on a network of county roads before hitting CO-71 to go south towards to our next destination – Mount Sunflower – the Kansas High Point.


The Final Word

This was an easy state high point and a very desolate area of the country. I had no cell service on Verizon, my son had service on AT&T which was useful to navigate us back out to the highway. 

These roads are in good shape, well graded, and well traveled. Be careful of tractors and local traffic.

While this is located over 200 miles away from Mount Sunflower in Kansas, tagging these two on the same day is a rather easy and very doable.