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Hiking The Great Basin

For most of my life, the Great Basin has always been the area you drive through on your way to Wyoming. Even though I was mostly passing through, I could not help but be intrigued by what...

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Assault(ed) On Mt. Whitney

When it comes to mountains in the USA, there are very few bigger than Mt. Whitney. At 14,505 feet, it is the highest point in the lower 48 states and attracts hoards of climbers from all...

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Pyramid Peak: The Gem of the Desolation Wilderness

The Desolation Wilderness is a beautiful place, however, with its proximity to Sacramento and Lake Tahoe, it is far from desolate these days. While most people stick with day hikes and...

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Tick Aware: Lyme Disease Awareness Month

Many diseases are considered rare. You think they will never effect you or a loved one…until they do. For me, it first happened 10 years ago when Parkinson’s Disease wasn’t just...

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Little Trail Blazers

Screen time. There are no two words that are destroying our youth more than those. You can’t go out to eat without seeing a family sitting at the table, many times each of them...

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